Five Favorites: Baby’s First 3 Months

Zelie turned three months old on August 6th, and boy has time flown by! Besides her birth story, it has been a long time since I’ve written. I’ve really been investing almost 100% of my time into being a wife and new mom. These has been my five favorite moments with this little booger.

#1: Nursing

One of my very first moments with Zelie was feeding her. I was able to look at her bright eyes and memorize her face. Eating is probably a baby’s favorite thing to do, and I am honored to be able to provide that solely to her. I thought that it would be very weird, but instinct came in and it only felt natural.

Because a baby needs to eat around every three hours (we have a six-hour gap at night, and sometimes she has a “snack” during the day in between meals), you really can’t be away from the babe for too long. Luckily I have been able to get out. I do pump the occasional bottle for babysitters. Even when we do go on a date or I get to go to the gym, I miss Zelie a lot. This may sound odd, but my chest knows if I’m away and if it’s time to eat soon. This is because of a huge bond that we have because of nursing and I’m blessed that we have this. Because of this bond I have been learning how to have a baby in public and I think we are doing really well. I can now confidently nurse in public (baseball games, malls, Church, etc. etc.).

One of my favorite times to nurse is at night. At the beginning when we were still getting to know each other and I was very sleep deprived it was hard, but now I wake up to her soft cries between 2a-4a, come into the nursery, pick her up and snuggle, sit in the recliner with the Boppy pillow (U-shaped pillow that goes around my waist for the babe to lay on and frees my hands), and nurse her until she falls asleep. Then I pick her up so that she is vertical, wait for the most adorable of burps, then gently lay her down back in her crib and snuggle her up in a soft blanket. Then I get to crawl back into bed and snuggle with my husband.

#2: Watching them learn and grow

It is so cool seeing her go from limp noodle to able to hold her head up, grab things, sit up, and roll. I bought this pay mat that has an arch with hanging toys for Zelie to bat at and it’s amazing seeing her have favorites, try to chew on them, and coo while playing. About once a day you’re “supposed” to give the baby an opportunity for tummy time, helping with trying to roll over and hold their head up. Along with that I also have a time (or multiple times) when I practice saying “mama” with her. Sometimes I try other words too, or even just sticking my tongue out. She tries monkey see monkey do, but it is so special because I can see her watching my lips move and trying to mimic them.

#3: Baby smiles

One day Peter came home from work, went to the swing Zelie was in to say hi, and Zelie gave this big fat smile to her daddy. I can’t explain this magic moment. Soon almost every time we were playing with her, holding her, or even changing her diaper she would have this dopey smile. This was her way of saying I love you, and we know she means it. These smiles mean that even if all we want to do is crash and go to bed, we’re doing an okay, in fact, good job raising Zelie.

#4: Baby snuggles

When Zelie cries, I can go through this list of things she is trying to communicate. She wants her diaper changed, she’s hungry, she’s cold, she wants more attention, she’s tired, or she just wants to snuggle. Most of my snuggle time is when I’m nursing, but a couple times a day she just wants to lay on one of our chests. She doesn’t fall asleep, she just wants to share warmth and hear our heartbeat.

#5: Sharing her with others

I was very honored whenever people visited me in the hospital after her birth. We would all just sit there and adore this little fresh bundle from God. We also had visits those first two weeks at home, and it was a great time for us to catch up and bond over this little baby. Even now I still just love watching others hold her, play with her, and fall in love.

We are all called to ministry in some way. I thought as a wife and mother it would be to just get my husband and children to Heaven, but I am learning that I am also helping others come to know God with my family.


Well, those are my favorite five moments with this babe. What are your favorite parts of baby time? Let me know in the comments!

I plan on doing more in the “Five Fav” series. If there is anything you want to know, leave a comment or send me an email!

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2 thoughts on “Five Favorites: Baby’s First 3 Months

  1. These are all so sweet! Nursing is so cool! Like, it's surreal to see milk spurting out of my body, so that I can nourish my little baby boy. My baby is 2 months old, and I think one of my favorite things is #5 on your list-I love sharing him with others, and getting to see the joy that other people experience through my son. Whether we're out shopping, at Mass, or watching my husband compete at a video game tournament, random people always brighten up and get excited when they see a little baby 🙂


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