39 Weeks Prego

I’d love to update you on life, since it’s been a while, specifically what I’ve been listening, eating, reading, and making (the theme of the link-up).


I’ve definitely been on Pandora lately. I finally have it personalized enough that it’s my music, but still shuffles at random and feels like the radio.

These are the channels that I most often listen to. 
*The Lumineers
*Mumford and Sons
*Ed Sheeran
*Today’s Hits
Peter calls this my “sad music.” It’s definitely low key and coffee shop style. I may have been found listening to these stations if I’m feeling down. 

If I’m “working out” (aka going on walks) or looking for something higher energy (or if I’m mad), I turn to these. 
*Today’s Hits
*Nicki Minaj
*Iggy Azalea 
*Pop Fitness
*I Can’t Stop

When I want to praise the Lord or when I want to pray but don’t know what to say or when I don’t have the attention span to sit and focus on personal prayer, I turn up these. 
*Matt Maher
*Audrey Assad
*Tenth Avenue North 


My appetite has been much lower lately. Baby Girl is taking up so much space that I have no room to eat! But the cravings are still real. Allow me to introduce you.

*Icees, the delicious red and blue sugary treat. The taste and texture hits the spot. I don’t know why, but many pregnant women crave ice or frozen things. It’s weird.

I can’t explain how delicious these are.

*Cheeseburgers, particularly the Blue Door Pub Jiffy burger, with mayo, peanut butter, pepper jack cheese, and bacon. I’m drooling.

*Fruit, all kinds, kiwi, pineapple, strawberries, raspberries, bananas, orange juice, etc. It’s like candy but healthy?

Gotta love yogurt, fruit, and drugs


Lately all I’ve been reading consists of my Facebook feed, the blogs I follow, and the Blessed is She daily emails that have the Mass readings and a reflection. Lame. This summer when I pick up my classes again I will be doing a psychology of adolescence project on the third Harry Potter book. I’m looking forward to diving into that again with a whole new perspective. 


Well, I have been growing a baby. I think that counts. I also have been growing some flowers. I say that counts too. When we move to our town home in less than three weeks, I’ll buy a raised flower bed and throw those sprouts in there so that they have more room to thrive, but here they are now. I love them. I hope I someday have my grandma’s green thumb. Next summer I’m going to try fruits and veggies!

38 weeks prego!

My beautiful flowers

Please keep us in your prayers, as the baby isn’t quite here yet, but her debut will be soon. The actual due date is May 5th, so basically a week! Oh, I forgot to mention, Pete got a big boy engineering job and we officially have a town home. Wow. 

Love, Ryian

// If time is on your side today:

In case you missed them, here are the 3 most popular posts on the blog this month:
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Here are some gems I found this time around.

I ran into 12 things St. Zelie Martin taught about sainthood as a mother.

Christians at my school speak out because they have something to say.

There is an awesome article pleading against “training” children and obedience-based Christian parenting, written by a blogger I follow, Shannon Evans at We a Great Parade.  

Super awesome stats found that religious people are found to be happier. What do you know. 

Note: “These differences are found not only in the U.S. adult population as a whole but also within a variety of religious traditions (such as between Catholics who are highly religious and those who are less religious), and they persist even when controlling for other factors, including age, income, education, geographic region of residence, marital status and parental status.”

Last but not least, top ten takeaways of Amoris Laetitia. You are probably most curious about 7, 8, and 9. I’ll give you a hint, no Church teachings were changed.

Love you, miss you, can’t wait to blog more, hopefully it’ll be a birth story!


Ryian Louise Hilpisch

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4 thoughts on “39 Weeks Prego

  1. When my mom was pregnant with one of my younger brothers in the summertime, we loved it-because it meant that we got Icees and Frosties and fudgesicles all the time! (some of her big cravings-all the frozen things!)
    During this pregnancy, I haven't really craved many things in particular except more fruits and fresh veggies than normal, though I've always been a pretty big fan of those. I'm so excited that you are so close!!!!!!!!!!


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