Back to School & Marriage

Wow, the first week of school went so well.

I was able to go to all of my classes without throwing up, I only had occasional potty breaks, and I have been keeping up with homework! This semester I am taking Old Testament, Shakespeare, and Cath 401, which is basically a theology on politics. I love Scripture and have been getting to know the Word of God much better this past year. Shakespeare is with one of the funniest and smartest professors I have ever had. Cath is very thought stimulating and I think it great preparation for this upcoming election. I am really lucky to have two of these classes with Peter. We can walk over together, sit by each other, and study together. We have really been enjoying having the other in class. I think we love seeing what the other is like in class. We haven’t had a class together since Cath 101 freshman year, when we’d pass notes and he’d make me giggle, so this is a treat. I’m glad he will be there for when I am bigger and more awkward and he can help me. Also, as the month of May gets closer, if my water breaks in class, I will also have one less phone call to make…

I’ve been getting to the gym more to walk around the track or on the treadmill. I’ve been noticing that I can walk a lot farther and longer. It also doesn’t hurt to walk to class anymore. After I walk for too long, my hip joints and feet get really sore and it makes it hard to walk easily, but it’s getting better.

Last week we had a checkup at the doctor’s and took a couple blood tests. It turns out my glucose is fine, but I’m very low on iron. This explains why I have been so faint and have had such a hard time standing for long periods (and short periods) of time. So I now take these pills called Blood Builder. (I feel like I have to say it in a Batman voice.) These pills have iron and other vitamins in them. They look like big pills made of coal, but they taste like nothing compared to those nasty prenatal vitamins that have fish oil in them. It’s only been a couple days and I’ve already been doing a lot better. I was able to stand around and chat with people in the student center. I was able to stand and sing praise and worship at Tommie Catholic, and I didn’t feel like I was going to tip over.

By the way, Baby apparently loves praise and worship. Hearing me and the hundreds of people singing made the baby dance and squirm and it was so cool to experience. Going to Tommie Catholic was great. I was not able to go last semester because I was so sick, but I plan on going every week this semester. There were so many people that greeted me with open arms and were so excited to see me and I felt truly loved by this community. I believe we can do great things in numbers.

It’s been so interesting seeing what I used to take for granted. It’s kind of like when you have a stuffy nose for a week and you just wonder what it was like to not have this problem. What was it like to eat whatever you wanted without getting sick? What was it like being able to walk miles and miles with no problems? What was it like to be able to stand and kneel at Mass? I’ve realized how vulnerable we really are, and that we are literally floating on God’s grace. Otherwise we’d be dropping like flies.

Right now, I am very tired and have napped a lot this weekend. This was a big week for me, getting back on my feet and being “normal” again. I’m not worried about this new week, but I’m definitely feeling worn out. I might have to start napping during the day. A friend of mine was a pregnant student and had it in her schedule to nap after class, and I might do just that too.

Oh! Yesterday, Peter and I were invited to attend the Archdiocese Newly Married Retreat. It. Was. Awesome. This retreat was for couples who have been married for 7 years or less. We have now been married for 6 months. There were so many babies and pregnant women. I felt truly comfortable in my pregnant body for the first time. We heard talks on parenting, the primacy of marriage in our culture, and communication and conflict resolution. We were able to break off a few times to discuss as a couple, and I think we found the most fruit in that. There was an opportunity for confession. The food was delicious. I ran into someone I went to school with and we shared a table with my high school math teacher and her husband! She is also pregnant and due in May!

These are some random notes that I thought were important to write down.
“Marriage is like a plant, it will always need to be tended to.”
“We need to spend more time at the dinner table.”
“Children change us immensely.”
“God is simple. People are complex.”
“Earth isn’t home, it’s the pilgrimage.”
“It’s hard to be on the same page because everyone is different.”
“Agree on broad strokes, and don’t fuss about the little things.”

The very last thing we did on this retreat was renew our vows. I have to admit, I did not cry at my wedding. I think I was nervous and very aware that there were many people watching me. But today, while renewing our wedding vows, I cried so hard I could barely whisper the words. Peter was really touched, and it was a beautiful moment for the both of us.

Speaking of marriage, today is our six month anniversary, and our school wrote an article on the two of us. It is called “Seniors tie the knot before tossing the cap.”

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