We are one week into J-Term. This is my first time being a full time student since September. I was really nervous to start up school again but we’ve been taking it in stride. My body hasn’t been doing very well in the early mornings, but I’ve been getting up somewhere between 6 and 7 and have made it successfully to class at 9am with my teeth brushed and a lunch packed. I admit, I did barf a couple times this week right after waking up, but I felt great afterwards, then brushed my teeth, ate breakfast, and moved on with my life.

J-Term consists of a three hour class that is four times a week, and with about 4-5 hours of studying a day. My theo professor is an Irish Episcopalian priest who is hilarious and talks about very thought-provoking topics.

I can tell he doesn’t want to be there for three hours just as much as we do. He has been so gracious in giving us a break after each hour (because I have to pee all the time) and I can walk around and each string cheese, a clementine, or a granola bar. Studying consists of a ton of reading, and making a study guide based on notes, readings, and study questions. My prof has been great and is setting us up for success as long as we do the work.

This week has also been the first time in a really long time that I’m consistently going to daily Mass again. The doc has been discouraging me kneeling and standing for too long, so I sit for almost all of Mass. It’s been really humbling, but it’s been so good to be a part of the community again and receive that sacrament more often, especially for Baby.

How is the baby doing? Well, he/she has developed a dance routine, and has been getting much stronger! It’s really an amazing reminder that Baby is there and it let’s me know that he/she is still alive. This week I am 23 weeks along and the baby should be a little more than one pound. Each day I get more and more excited to meet this little one.

With the baby getting so big, this mama has been getting big too! Besides obviously gaining weight in my tummy, it’s also been noticeable in my chest, feet, and face. It’s been kind of hard for me to see in the mirror sometimes. This is the biggest I have ever been in my life. Peter often reminds me that I’m beautiful no matter what, and honestly, I think he’s loving my prego figure. Early on I was already limited on pants, but now my shirt options have been disappearing, and quickly too! One morning this week I put on a shirt, looked in the mirror and saw about half an inch of my tummy and thought, “I just wore this last week!” So a pile of shirts has been growing in my closet that won’t be worn for a while, and some are in the Goodwill pile and will never be worn again. Wow.

Since I’ve been feeling mostly well again and we have a bit more time on our hands over J-Term, Peter and I have been able to be productive and spend more time together! I cleaned out our closet full of storage, cleaning supplies, and camping supplies. I felt so accomplished doing that. Tomorrow we’ll be rearranging our furniture to use our space more efficiently, and to fit in a baby bassinet!

Now that I’ve been able to stand longer we’ve been able to make more complicated meals, which has been lovely for our taste buds. 

This morning after sleeping in I said to Pete that we should make waffles, so we did! We made those, eggs, and sausage! It was so delicious. It was so fun dancing around the kitchen and helping each other. I love cooking with Peter. This was something I really enjoyed during our first month of marriage. We actually cooked together freshman year over J-Term before we were even technically dating, and we have had plenty of cooking date nights between then and now.

Marriage has been so good. It can be kind of like one big sleepover. More and more we’ve been talking longer and longer before rolling over and going to sleep. We both have so much to talk about and share with each other that we’re willing to waste an hour of sleep! I love sharing my life with Peter. Our marriage is one big “we.” For example, “Do we need more milk?” or “What are our plans this weekend?” Of course there are things that are just for him or just for me. I have a small group that only I’m a part of and I love clementines. Peter goes hunting and puts strawberry cream cheese on bagels. But we still need to communicate those things when making plans or a grocery list or a life plan.

It has been beautiful these last couple weeks to snuggle on a couch to watch a movie, to go to daily Mass together, to hang out with our friends and neighbors, and to help each other grow. Peter will love me by doing dishes without saying a word about it.  I’ll get out the cereal/bowls/etc. in the mornings. Peter came home the other day to me having taken the trash out. I came home yesterday to a delicious meal. We have a little picture frame that we use a white board  marker on to write affirmations to each other. These are only a FEW things that make marriage beautiful for me. Honestly, we’re just living life, but we’re living life together.

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