Hello! My name is Ryian Louise Hilpisch, and I want to personally welcome you to Y&W!

My name is pronounced Ryan. I’m 25 and Catholic. I’m been married to a very tall ginger named Peter for four years, and we have a 3 year old girl named Zelie Louise and a 2 year old son named Christopher Paul. I’m also the Youth & Young Adult Ministry Coordinator at our parish. 

I am the founder of Young & Wild Catholic Mamas, the Facebook group for young Catholic moms who feel alone in their vocation. It is a wonderful ministry and community that has thrived for over two years. Y&W is a “small” group where we intentionally come together in solidarity to support, love, and pray for each other! If you are interested in joining the Facebook group, send me a message!

I have a passion for ministry and fostering community, especially for young people and mothers. I have been sporadically blogging and podcasting since first becoming a mom. So, on top of  youth and young adult ministry, and admin-ing the wonderful Facebook group, there is a blog, podcast, and Instagram for Young & Wild Catholic Mamas, where I talk and write about our faith, motherhood, and other miscellaneous tips, tricks, and topics that will help us take small simple steps towards being more intentional.

All podcast show notes and other blog posts can be found here!

Find us on Instagram at #ywcm and @youngandwildcatholicmamas